Barcelos Menu Prices in South Africa

Barcelos Menu Prices in South Africa

Barcelos has grown to become one of South Africa’s most-visited flame grilled chicken restaurants.

Their menu also features many more delicious dishes including burgers, fries, kebabs, and some garden fresh salads.

Barcelos Menu

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Here is the Barcelos menu with prices:

Menu Item Price


1/4 Chicken 38.90
1/4 Chicken + 1 Side 54.90
1/4 Chicken + 1 Large Side 64.90
1/2 Chicken 70.90
1/2 Chicken + 1 Side 80.90
1/2 Chicken + 1 Large Side 90.90
Whole Chicken 134.90
Whole Chicken + 1 Large Side 164.90

Family Meals

Half Pack – 1/2 Chicken, 2 Large Sides, 2 Portuguese Rolls 129.90
Supporters Pack – Whole Chicken, Jumbo Side, 4 Portuguese Rolls 192.90
Family Pack – Whole Chicken, 2 Large Sides, 4 Portuguese Rolls 209.90
Family Meal Deal – Whole Chicken, 2 Large Sides, 4 Portuguese Rolls, 1 Suntropic Juice 220.90
Super Family Pack – 2 Whole Chickens, 2 Jumbo Sides, 6 Portuguese Rolls 319.90

Burgers, Schwarmas, Pregos

Budget Chicken Burger 26.90
Budget Chicken Burger + 1 Side 39.90
Chicken Burger 38.90
Chicken Burger + 1 Side 51.90
Chicken Prego Roll 40.90
Chicken Prego Roll + 1 Side 53.90
Chicken Schwarma 46.90
Chicken Schwarma + 1 Side 58.90
Beef Burger 41.90
Beef Burger + 1 Side 53.90
Beef Schwarma 53.90
Beef Schwarma + 1 Side 64.90
Beef Prego Roll 50.90
Beef Prego Roll + 1 Side 61.90


2 Chicken Burgers 54.90
Portuguese Galito Roll & Drink 55.90
Chicken Burger, Chips & Drink 67.90
2 Chicken Strip Rolls with Cheese & Chips 69.90
1/4 Chicken, Regular Pap, Tomato Relish, Cabbage 72.90
1/4 Chicken, Chips, Garlic Roll & Drink 79.90
Chicken Cheese Burger, Chips & Drinks 74.90
2 Kebabs, Chips, Garden Salad & Drink 88.90
Chicken Schwarma, Chips & Drinks 74.90


Mini Breakfast 31.90
Cheesy Egg in Pita 43.90
Drifter Breakfast 56.90
Algarve Breakfast 65.90

Stir Fry

Chicken Stir Fry & Plain Rice 49.90
Beef Stir Fry & Plain Rice 52.90

Vegetarian Meals

Veggie Burger 38.90
Stir Fry & Rice 49.90
Veggie Schwarma 41.90

Kids Meals

Kids Burger Meals 47.90
Kids Strips & Chips 47.90

Special Meals

Chicken Kebab in Roll 30.90
Chicken Kebab in Roll + 1 Side 42.90
Chicken Livers & Portuguese Roll 38.90
Chicken Livers & Portuguese Roll + 1 Side 50.90
Portuguese Galito Roll 39.90
Portuguese Galito Roll + 1 Side 51.90
Trinchado & Portuguese Roll 39.90
Trinchado & Portuguese Roll + 1 Side 51.90
2 Kebabs 40.90
2 Kebabs + 1 Side 52.90
6 Dippa Wings 49.90
6 Dippa Wings + 1 Side 60.90


Chips – Regular 19.90
Chips – Large 27.90
Chips – Jumbo 32.90
Potato Wedges – Regular 19.90
Potato Wedges – Large 27.90
Potato Wedges – Jumbo 32.90
Pap & Tomato Relish – Regular 19.90
Pap & Tomato Relish – Large 27.90
Pap & Tomato Relish – Jumbo 32.90
Spicy Rice – Regular 19.90
Spicy Rice – Large 27.90
Spicy Rice – Jumbo 32.90
Potato Salad – Regular 19.90
Potato Salad – Large 27.90
Potato Salad – Jumbo 32.90
Coleslaw – Regular 19.90
Coleslaw – Large 27.90
Coleslaw – Jumbo 32.90
Garden Salad – Regular 19.90
Garden Salad – Large 27.90
Garden Salad – Jumbo 32.90
Spinach & Feta – Regular 19.90
Spinach & Feta – Large 27.90
Spinach & Feta – Jumbo 32.90
3 Bean Salad – Regular 19.90
3 Bean Salad – Large 27.90
3 Bean Salad – Jumbo 32.90


Coleslaw 19.90
Garden Salad 19.90
Mediterranean Salad 28.90
Chicken Salad 48.90

Local Favourites

Bafana Meal 35.90
Super Bafana Meal 57.90
Mega Bafana Meal 89.90
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Best Food

You don’t last more than 20 years in the South African fast food industry without serving up some delicious food to the millions that’ve walked through your doors.

And Bracelos has done exactly that – grilling up some of the best chicken available in the country.

Barcelos Menu

There’s not doubt that if you walked down the street of one of the many towns (locations below) which plays home to a Barcelos restaurant, the vast majority of would not hesitate to answer when asked ‘Where can I get some tasty grilled chicken?’.

Barcelos: Their mind (and their tastebuds) would instantly remind themselves of the last them they sat down, or ordered takeaway, and enjoyed some perfectly grilled tasty chicken.

Now, even if their chicken is their number one seller (although some people don’t seem to agree), that doesn’t mean you won’t get bored of it after a while.

If that happens to you – don’t worry, there are plenty of other delicious foods to choose from on the menu at Barcelo.

If you’re struggling to decide what to order next, you can not go wrong with one of their chicken burgers.

The best thing about their chicken burgers isn’t the few different combinations it comes it, it’s the awesome choice of sides you can pair it with.

Almost all of which will bring your meal at Barcelos just one step higher than the burgers on the menu at one of their competitors, say the Zinger Burgers on the menu at KFC.

Now, even the though of those lead you to think calorie-overdose, you’re not wrong because they aren’t on the light side.

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Lucky for you – Barcelos’ got you covered once again.

They have a fantastic range of various salads and vegetarian options as well.

And you’ll also be happy to know, that you’re likely in driving distance of one of their many restaurants where you can order the above food from their menu.

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Barcelos has grown into become a powerhouse provider or delicious flame grilled chicken in South Africa.

And with over 80 restaurants in the country, you’re likely never to far away from their inviting smokey smell.

Here are the locations of some of their most popular restaurants:

  • Pretoria East – Cnr Olympus Drive And Achilles Road, Pretoria, Gauteng, 012
  • Benoni – 5th Avenue Engen, Northmead, Benoni, Johannesburg, 1020
  • Cape Town – Long Street – 216 Long Str, CBD, Cape Town, 8001
  • Centurion – Grey Owl Village – 20A Grey Owl Village Centre, Brakfontein Rd, Centurion, Gauteng, 157
  • Ferndale-Engen – 101 Oxford Streert Ferndale, Randburg , Gauteng, 0156
  • Roodepoort – Total Floracliff – William Nicol Dr, Constantia Kloof, Roodepoort, Gauteng, 1724
  • Venterdorp – MBT Filling Station – Viva Slurry Filling Station,R49, Mafikeng, North-West, 2735

Don’t worry if you can’t find a location near you on the list – there are plenty around. Just head to their official website to see a list of them all –

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Way back in 1993, South Africa saw the opening of the first Barcelos restaurant – little did the owners and early customers know that Barcelos would grow to become the influence it is today.

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For over 20 years now, Barcelo has been cooking and serving a range of taste food items on their menu. Of course, most customer only come back for one thing – their flamed grilled chicken.

They’ve spent many years trialling, experimenting, and perfecting their recipe, and it’s quite easy to say that they’ve done a fantastic job with the (current) end creation.

Tens of thousands of South Africans dine of their flamed grilled chickens each day, with many more enjoying a delicious range of other food such as burgers, salads, breakfast meals, sides, and kebabs.

No matter you’re reason for visiting a Barcelos restaurant, you’ll most likely walk out of their extremely satisfied, ready to send a text to your mate telling him to get there as soon as possible.

In saying that, you can’t eat grilled chicken over and over and expect not to get bored.

If you do find yourself getting a little bored, why not head over and try some tasty Thai on the menu at Simply Asia.

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Flame grilled chicken? Barcelos. You can not go wrong with it.

But, if you have some questions you’d like answered before you pay them a visit, send them a message on social media:

For any other questions you have about the Barcelo menu, leave a comment below.

Enjoy your chicken!

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