John Dorys Menu Prices in South Africa

John Dorys Menu Prices South Africa

John Dorys has developed a superb selection of seafood items in their food menu.

A popular choice includes a variety of sushi plates, hake, and many barbecued dishes, too.

If you’re looking to save dollars, you can find some coupons for the restaurant here.

John Dorys Menu

John Dorys Menu Prices 

Here is the latest John Dorys menu with prices:

Menu Item Price (R)


Calamari Strips 68.00
Mussel Bowl 59.00

Fish Market

Calamari Strips 129.00
Hake & Chips – 1 Piece 79.00
Hake & Chips – 2 Piece 109.00
Family Meal Deal 199.00
Sole (180g) 129.00

Kids Meals

200g Ribs 63.00
Quarter Chicken 52.00


Double Hake & Calamari Strips 139.00
Sole & Calamari Strips 115.00
Sole & Prawns 129.00
Hake & Prawns 119.00
1/4 Chicken & 400g Ribs 159.00

Prawns & Platters

Ten JD’s Prawns 129.00
Fifteen JD’s Prawns 169.00
Coastal Platter 129.00
John’s Platter 155.00

Sushi Menu

Bean Curd 54.00
California Rolls (4 pieces) 39.00
Sandwiches (2 pieces) 39.00
Hake Nuggets 45.00
Maki (3 pieces) 39.00
Salmon Roses (3 pieces) 69.00
Hand Roll 59.00
Vegetarian Futomaki 39.00
The Bomb (4 pieces) 58.00
Prawn Tempura (3 pieces) 58.00
Rainbow Rolls (4 pieces) 58.00
Cucumber Rolls (4 pieces) 58.00
Prawn Avalanche 58.00
Prawn & Cheese Spring Rolls 45.00
Strawberry & Cream Pudding 54.00
Rose Parcels 65.00
Vegetarian Rainbow Roll 58.00
Tuna/Salmon Trio 54.00
Samurai Salmon Rolls 59.00
Tuna Roses 49.00
Deep Fried Futomaki 58.00
Nigiri 45.00
Prawn Surprise 58.00
Valentine Roll 58.00
Tempura Rainbow Rolls 58.00
Smoked Cali Rolls 58.00
C&C Bombs 58.00
Snow Crab Rolls 58.00
Prawn Reload 85.00
Caterpillar Roll 58.00
Two Oceans Sushi Platter 109.00
Maritime Platter 279.00
Rainbow Warrior Platter 125.00
Family Sushi Deal 269.00


Ice Cream & Bar-one Sauce 36.00
Peppermint Tart 39.00
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Best Food at John Dorys

John Dorys hasn’t grown to the heights they have today by serving average-quality seafood or sushi – quite the opposite.

While their menu is relatively small compared to other big seafood chains in South Africa, such as the vast range of fish available of Ocean Basket, John Dorys menu packs an enticing punch.

John Dorys Menu

If you’re planning to test some of their most well-loved dishes right immediately, it’s best to look no further than their famous Hake & Chips combo.

For just R79.00, it includes either tempura-battered or grill hake fillet served with coleslaw as well as a healthy portion of chips too. Delicious.

Hake is the most popular fish species to consume on the menu in South Africa, so there is likely to be a good likelihood that you’ve had it before.

If that’s the case for you, switch it up a bit and try the John Dorys’ Calamari Strips. Fresh, beautifully battered, and paired with a tasty tartar sauce. Yum.

The taste buds are getting excited? Please make sure they’re in order because there’s more coming up.

John Dorys has also spent considerable time working on their sushi menu, and they’ve made a good impression on their customers.

It’s a small percentage, but the customers who come to John Dorys to enjoy their sushi are among many loyal customers because they keep coming back.

If you’re only beginning your journey on the sushi menu at their restaurant, try the traditional Rainbow and California Rolls ago – they are both excellent introductions to the variety of sushi options ahead.

Of course, if you’re more of a person who likes to jump right in, there’s plenty of sushi platters with dishes of a variety of styles to taste.

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Sushi is rapidly gaining popularity throughout South Africa as well.

Simply Asia, a Thai-style restaurant opening up new locations throughout the country, offers a great range of sushi available on their food menu.

In the end, if you’re looking for different types of fresh seafood is what you’re looking for, go down to your local John Dorys – you’ll be delighted when you walk through their doors.

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John Dorys Menu Specials

If the prices of some of the items on the menu is a bit intimidating, John Dorys has you covered with a range of awesome specials you can enjoy.

Their most famous special, by far, is their Petite Hake & Chips for R35.00.

 Available all day, every day, and for takeaway, delivery, and call & collect as well.

Perfect for a quick and tasty meal. If you’re after something a little more filling, you can make it a double R55.00

Here are some more specials on offer at John Dorys:

  • 10 JDs Prawns – R89.00
  • 15 JDs Prawns – R139.00
  • 20 JDs Prawns – R159.00
  • Sushi Wednesday – Maritime Platter (18pc) and get a FREE Two Oceans Sushi Platter (8pc) – R279.00
  • Sushi Wednesday – 50% Off All Sushi

These promos may not be running at the store near you, so it’s best to give them a call beforehand to double check before heading down and ordering.

To keep up with the latest specials, follow John Dorys on social media – links below.

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About John Dorys

John Dorys has come a long way since their early first appearance in 1996, serving hundreds of millions of South Africans the delicious taste of the ocean, with an array of delicious seafood choices.

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In addition to their fantastic menu that keeps their patrons coming back, they’ve striven to provide only the highest-quality service to everyone who walks across their front doors.

Staff members often go the ‘extra mile to ensure guests always have the best experience when dining.’

It’s pretty simple to predict John Dorys future. So long as they keep doing what they’re doing and offering high-quality food at an affordable cost and providing an above-average service, it’s likely that John Dorys will continue to expand their restaurants into their already extensive network.

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Still not sure what to order on your next visit to John Dorys?

Why not send their team a message on social media and they’ll let you know what some fo their most popular items currently are.

If, after all that, you’re still not certain of John Dorys is for you, then maybe it simply isn’t.

Maybe you’ll be better off having a pizza at Debonairs instead.

Of course, feel free to ask any other questions you have in the comments below.

Enjoy your food!

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