Kauai Menu Prices in South Africa

Kauai Menu Prices in South Africa

Organic, healthy, and delicious. Three words you’ll be constantly using the describe all the food on the menu at Kauai.

Check out their full menu right here.

Kauai Menu

Kauai Menu Prices 

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Here’s the Kauai menu with prices in South Africa:

Menu item Price (R)


Smashed Avo & Toast 39.00
Scrambled Eggs & Toast 50.00
Avo Toast Sriracha 46.00
Smashed Avo, Poached Eggs on Toast 58.00
Breakfast Bowl 47.00
Power Oats 44.00
Sunrise Wrap 69.00
Protein Breakfast Wrap 85.00
Full Breakfast 80.00
Smoked Trout Scrambled Eggs 89.00
Choc Protein Smoothie Bowl 69.00
Peanut Butter Berry Smoothie Bowl 45.00
Breakfast Sandwich 30.00
Cinnamon Honey Oats 25.00

Raw Juices

Daily Greens 45.00
Dragon Fire 43.00
Floo Juice 43.00
Lemon Cucumber Cooler 43.00

Salad Bowls

Cajun Chicken Salad 86.00
Chipotle Steak Salad 79.00
Parmesan Greens Salad 86.00
Plant Power Salad 94.00
Protein Salad Pot 94.00
Thai Crunch Salad 94.00
Super Food Salad 98.00

Warm Bowls

Plant Thai Curry 79.00
The No Bull Burger 59.00
Veg Butta Curry 79.00
Spicy Avo Greens 78.00
The Normal Burger 59.00


All The Greens 48.00
Berry Dairy 48.00
Cappuccino Freeze 48.00
Choc Nut 53.00
Cinnabomb 58.00
Citrus Glo 53.00
Gem 53.00
Ginger Snap 48.00
Mango Berry 53.00
Nature’s Protein 53.00
Nut Milk 64.00
Peanut Butter Berry 53.00
Peanut Butter Bliss 53.00
Peanut Butter Bomb 60.00
Salted Caramel 56.00
Strawberry Stinger 40.00
Tropical Chia 53.00
Vitamin See 56.00


Salsa Quesadilla 52.00
Chipotle Steak Warp 75.00
Harvest Wrap 62.00
Steak & Avo Quesadilla 92.00
Moroccan Wrap 89.00
Plant Power Wrap 79.00
Prince Wrap 95.00
Spicy Burrito Wrap 88.00
Thai Crunch Wrap 98.00
Tropical Chicken Wrap 72.00

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Menu Photos

Here are the latest photos of the Kauai menu in South Africa:

Kauai Menu

Kauai Menu in South Africa 

Kauai Menu

Kauai Menu in South Africa 

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Smoothies on the Kauai Menu

If there’s something Kauai is famous for in South Africa – it’s for the outstanding range of smoothies they offer on their menu. And with over 23 years in the healthful fast-food business, Kauai has grown to make some of the top smoothies on the market.

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What’s going to be on your menu?

For starters, regardless of the food restrictions you have, Kauai has you covered.

There are gluten-free vegan, vegetarian and paleo-specific smoothies in their food menu.

Additionally, they have smoothies created to appeal to those who want something unique.

Protein and superfood smoothies juices are on offer for those looking to lead a healthier lifestyle.

More than 15 different smoothie varieties are on their menu.

This could make it difficult for people who are just beginning to learn what they want to buy. Why not give some of their most loved smoothies to get started.

Kauai Menu

Mango Berry is the most loved smoothie. It’s a mix of mango, raspberries, coconut milk, honey as well as pure water. It’s gluten-free and paleo-certified as well.

If you’re looking for an extra dose of protein into your shake, you’ll be able to get it wrong with Cinnabomb.

It’s got Whey protein (sourced from grass-fed cows) and banana, as well as almond macadamia nuts, honey, cinnamon and purified water. In a 500ml serving of the Cinnabomb, you’ll get around 33g of protein as well.

Kauai Menu

Although those two are among their customers’ most requested drinks, their menu of smoothies is constantly refined and improved over time.

It’s difficult to purchase a smoothie from Kauai and be unhappy with your purchase.

Sushi. Enjoy some sushi. Are you looking to keep your healthy trend but feel like giving smoothies a break?

Head down to Your local simply Asia and look over their sushi menu.

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Kauai Bowls

If you don’t like the taste of your food blended and drinkable, They have a fantastic variety of salad bowls and warm bowls too.

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They offer a wide selection of different, fresh ingredients and a wide variety of combinations.

The salad bowls they serve are crispy as well as crunchy and fresh. The perfect choice for a day of sunshine or a quick healthy lunch.

They’re all packed with beneficial proteins, fibres and healthy fats—everything your body needs for optimal performance.

The most popular salad bowls are Chipotle Steak. If you’re not keen on steak, try the Superfood Salad Bowl a shot instead.

The dish is made from grilled steak with a wide array of nutritious and fresh vegetables to accompany it.

It’s packed with avo, broccoli cashews, red pepper, tomatoes, rosa, cucumber, carrot, chia seeds, along with lemon olive oil dressing—a healthy diet.

On the warm side of their bowls, You’ll find delicious, healthy and nutritious menu items as well. If you’ve never had it before, begin with the Asian Rainbow.

It’s made up of free-range chicken with a variety of vegetables. To top it off, there’s an Asian-style salad dressing drizzled on top.

Whichever bowl you pick, it will come with colourful ingredients that your body and taste buds will be grateful for. Enjoy.

With the focus on healthy living, which is growing across South Africa and worldwide, even the restaurants that are notoriously unhealthy are switching to healthy food.

One of them is McDonald’s. You can now get several healthy options on the McDonald’s menu.

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Calories In Their Meals

With Kauai focusing so heavily on providing healthy foods in a fast-casual environment, those particularly interested in controlling their weight will also benefit from knowing how many calories are in whatever you order.

Here’s a table showing the calories in some of Kauai’s most popular foods:

Menu Item Calories
Breakfast Bowl 326
Choc Protein Smoothie Bowl 655
Power Oats 457
Chipotle Steak Salad Bowl 447
Superfood Salad Bowl 627
Plant Power Salad Bowl 902
Asian Rainbow Bowl 757
Mexi Fresh Bowl 352
Cinnabomb Smoothie (500ml) 373
Mango Berry Smoothie (500ml) 287
All The Greens Smoothie (500ml) 200
Cajun Chicken Wrap 596
Spring Tuna Wrap 549
Spicy Burrito Wrap 518
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About Kauai

Never experienced the joy of having Kauai’s food menu before and would like to know more about what they’re all about?

Here’s the information in one sentence from their CEO Dean Koworski:

Kauai is a fast-casual eatery business that focuses on the healthy, natural food space.

The chain of health food stores was first founded within South Africa more than two years ago.

Their popularity grew exponentially throughout the country, and soon, they realized the need to distribute their delicious food products all over the globe.

Today you can find a Kauai establishment in Thailand, Ireland, Scotland, Holland, and many other countries.

Every one of them serves a delicious local-inspired menu to everyone who walks into their doors.

Alongside their designated areas, you’ll be found plenty of their smoothie products available at supermarkets.

They’ve joined forces with Pick ‘N’Pay in late 2019, allowing you to go home and drink the Kauai smoothie on the spot.

Kauai continues to make plans for further expansions globally, and they’ll likely all be profitable.

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Talk To Kauai Staff

Want to get your questions about the Kauai menu answered directly by their staff?

Send them a message on one of their social media accounts:

Summing it all up – you’ll find plenty of delicious, yet totally healthy dishes to choose from on the menu at Kauai.

In saying that, there’s nothing wrong with a little treat every now and then.

Why not give some of the burgers on the Steers menu a go to change it up bit.

Want to know something else about Kauai? Leave a message below.

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