Sandwich Baron Menu Prices in South Africa

Sandwich Baron Menu Prices in South Africa

Sandwich Baron have taken it upon themselves to become South Africa’s largest sandwich restaurant.

With hundreds of combinations, the sandwiches on their menu can satisfy you for years to come.

sandwich baron menu

Sandwich Baron Menu With Prices

Here’s the Sandwich Baron menu with prices in South Africa:

Menu Item Price


Avo R27.50
Avocado & Salad R34.50
Avocado, Lettuce & Feta R38.00
Avocado, Vinegar, Salt & Pepper R28.50
Bacon R28.70
Bacon & Avocado R35.50
Bacon & Banana R33.00
Bacon & Cheese R33.50
Bacon & Egg R34.00
Bacon & Scrambled Egg R37.50
Bacon, Cheese & Egg R39.50
Bacon, Cheese & Mushroom R43.50
Bacon, Feta & Avocado R43.00
Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato & Mayo R49.00
Bacon, Scrambled Egg & Pork Sausages R45.60
Beef & Mustard R36.00
Beef & Potato Salad R38.00
Beef & Salad R38.00
Beef Piccalili R36.00
Beef, Avocado, Gherkin & Salad R50.50
Beef, Cheese & Avocado R44.00
Beef, Chilli & Potato Salad R43.00
Beef, Mustard & Cheese R41.50
Beef, Mustard & Gherkin R41.00
Beef, Mustard, Egg & Gherkin R47.00
Beef, Mustard, Potato & Salad R43.00
Beef, Potato Salad & Lettuce R41.00
Biltong, Chicken Mayo R48.00
Cheese & Avocado R35.50
Cheese & Salad R35.00
Cheese & Tomato R31.00
Cheese, Avocado & Tomato R38.50
Cheese, Egg & Mayo R39.00
Cheese, Mozzarella & Feta R41.00
Cheese, Mozzarella & Olive R43.50
Chicken & Avocado R35.50
Chicken & Salad R35.00
Chicken Cheesy Melt R41.00
Chicken Mayo R33.00
Chicken Mayo & Avocado R40.50
Chicken Mayo & Cheese R38.50
Chicken Mayo & Feta R40.50
Chicken Mayo & Gherkin R38.00
Chicken Mayo & Green Pepper R36.00
Chicken Mayo & Mushroom R43.00
Chicken Mayo & Pineapple R38.00
Chicken Mayo, Avocado & Cottage R48.00
Chicken Mayo, Cheese & Avocado R46.00
Chicken Mayo, Cheese & Pine R43.50
Chicken Mayo, Sriracha & Salad R40.00
Classic R39.50
Classic Club R55.50
Creamy Chicken Livers & Peri Peri R31.50
Creamy Chicken Livers, Peri Peri, Cottage & Cheese R37.00
Crispy Bacon R29.50
Crispy Bacon & Avocado R37.00
Crispy Bacon & Chicken Mayo R43.50
Crispy Bacon, Scrambled Egg & Pork Sausage R47.00
Double Bacon, Mozzarella & Cheddar R48.00
Double Sausage R30.00
Egg & Mayo R31.00
Frankfurter R34.00
Frankfurter & BBQ Sauce R39.00
Ham & Avocado R34.50
Ham & Cheese R32.50
Ham & Egg R33.00
Ham Salad R34.00
Ham, Cheese & Avocado R40.00
Ham, Cheese & Tomato R35.50
Ham, Cheese, Tomato & Mayo R40.50
Meatballs R29.00
Meatballs & Fried Onion R32.00
Meatballs, Cheese & Chutney R39.50
Salami & Cheese R37.00
Salami & Ham R40.50
Salami, Cheese & Avocado R44.50
Salami, Cheese & Gherkin R42.00
Scrambled Egg R30.00
Steak R39.00
Steak & Cheese R44.50
Steak & Fried Onion R42.00
Steak, Cheese & Avocado R52.00
Steak, Fried Onion, Tomato & BBQ Sauce R50.00
Tuna Mayo R37.00
Tuna Mayo & Salad R44.00
Tuna Mayo, Cheese & Avocado R50.00
Tuna Mayo, Egg & Cucumber R46.00


Light Breakfast R44.00
Vegetarian Breakfast R52.00
Bacon and Scrambled Egg Pita R47.00

Wraps & Tacos

BBQ Honey Wrap R44.00
BBQ Steak, Avo & Salad Wrap R47.00
Chicken Mayo & Salad Wrap R42.40
Chicken Mayo, Lettuce & Avo Wrap R42.40
Chicken Strips, Avo & Fried Onion Wrap R46.00
Crumbed Chicken & Salad Wrap R42.00
Ham, Mozzarella & Salad Wrap R42.00
Lettuce, Feta & Avo Wrap R38.40
Mince and Chilli Pita R48.00
Ranch & BBQ Chicken Wrap R44.00
Spicy Tuna Wrap R47.00
Chicken Taco R35.00
Mince Taco R35.00
Steak Taco R56.00
Veg Taco R42.00


Avo Salad R42.00
Biltong & Avocado Salad R72.00
Chicken & Avocado Salad R52.50
Chicken & Feta Salad R52.50
Chicken Mayo & Crispy Bacon Salad R65.00
Chicken Salad R42.00
Crispy Bacon & Avocado Salad R58.00
Crispy Bacon Salad R50.00
Crispy Chicken Bit Salad R50.00
Fruit Salad R40.00
Greek Salad R48.00
Potato Salad R44.00
Steak & Crumbled Feta Salad R63.00
Tuna Salad R49.00

Baked Potatoes

Baked Potato with Bacon & Cheese R58.00
Baked Potato with Butter R31.50
Baked Potato with Cheese R43.00
Baked Potato with Creamed Spinach R47.50
Baked Potato with Creamed Spinach & Feta R61.00
Baked Potato with Creamy Chicken Livers & Peri Per R47.50
Baked Potato with Mushroom & Sauce R51.50
Baked Potato with Sour Cream R51.50


Banting Biltong Avo Salad R72.00
Banting Breakfast R42.00
Banting Burger R54.00
Banting Chicken Avo Salad R52.50
Banting Chicken Livers R30.00
Banting Chicken Salad R42.00
Banting Chicken Strips R49.00
Banting Crispy Chicken Bits Salad R50.00
Banting Greek Salad R48.00
Banting Loaf With Butter R18.50
Banting Lunch Option 1 R50.00
Banting Lunch Option 2 R47.00
Banting Omelette R55.00
Banting Soup R32.00
Banting Veggie Omelette R51.00

Lunch Boxes

Breakfast Bag R77.00
Creamy Chicken Livers Lunch Box R42.00
Deep Fried Spicy Chicken Livers R44.00
Healthy Lunch Bag R55.00
Lunch Box R68.00
Snack Box R68.00
Spicy Snack Box R59.00
Tasty Chicken Boat R44.00
Training Lunch Bag 1 R58.00
Training Lunch Bag 2 R77.00
Garlic and Cheese Bread R44.00
Garlic Bread R29.00
Heated Garlic and Cheese Bread R44.00
Heated Garlic Bread R29.00


All Cheese Platter R245.00
Anytime Platter R350.00
Baron Party Platter R355.00
Baroness Platter R245.00
Best Of Both Platter R310.00
Breakfast Platter R380.00
Businessman’s Sandwich Platter R345.00
Cheese and Biscuit Platter R410.00
Chicken Delight Platter R355.00
Chicken Platter R385.00
Cocktail Platter R465.00
Cold Meat Fantasy Platter R410.00
Director Platter R395.00
Early Morning Platter R360.00
Exotic Platter R395.00
Health Platter R360.00
Just Sausage Rolls Platter R250.00
Meatball and Egg Mayo Platter R275.00
Mixed Platter R345.00
Munch Platter R350.00
Rib Chicken Platter R530.00
Royal Platter R345.00
Snack Platter R395.00
Summertime Fruit Platter R390.00
Sundowner Platter R440.00
Supreme Platter R310.00
Sweet Pastry Platter R395.00
Sweet Platter R490.00
Vegetarian Platter R350.00
Veggie Platter R340.00

Kids Menu

Kids Cheese Sandwich R47.00
Kids Chick Mayo French Loaf (11cm) R47.00
Kids Ham Sandwich R47.00


Chicken Cheesy Melt Special (Saturdays Only) R85.50
Chicken On The Run (Daily Between 09:30 and 10:30) R69.00
Chicken Taco Special R35.00
Savoury Mince Taco Special R35.00
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Best Sandwiches at Sandwich Baron

If you’re hungry and craving a sandwich, what you’re likely to think about is taking a trip to your local Sandwich Baron.

They’ve made millions of sandwiches. So, it’s safe to claim that they’re experts in their craft. This is the art of sandwich making.

With over 200 different combinations of sandwiches available and a menu that is so extensive, making a purchase when you’re first visiting can be a little bit intimidating.

This is why it’s necessary to be aware of the most well-known dishes on their menu are before walking through their doors.

sandwich baron menu

You can do this by looking up reviews on Your neighbourhood Sandwich Baron or visiting their website and looking through the descriptions and ingredients of all the sandwiches they create.

On the side, however, you can visit a website like and look up detailed descriptions, price lists, and dishes of some of South Africa’s largest and most popular restaurants. So, what’s good at Sandwich Baron?

One of their absolute best sandwiches is the chicken sandwich, avocado, and tomato combination.

Healthy, fresh and large enough that it will fill you yet not leave you feeling full afterwards.

If chicken isn’t your thing, give their steak & cheese sandwich a try. Arguably one of the best sandwich combinations ever made.

sandwich baron menu

Now, just because those are two of their most popular sandwiches doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the ones to choose.

Everyone’s different, and everyone’s sandwich preferences are other, too.

There are hundreds of sandwich options available, either as pre-configured configurations or customized to your specifications.

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Also, if you’re tired of the various ingredients being squished into bread, they only serve sandwiches.

Tacos, wraps breakfast, Baked potatoes, banting lunch boxes, platter meals, and food for kids are all readily available.

In addition, they offer a variety of specially designed sandwiches and other items to purchase too.

Although their very similar sandwiches don’t quite cut it sometimes, this is when you realize it’s time to return to the classic burger.

Where better to find one than on one of the most popular burger menus in South Africa – Steers.

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Restaurant Locations

Starting only one location opened in 1996, Sandwich Baron has grown to more than 34 locations in South Africa.

From Cape Town to Rustenburg and Centurion to Weltevreden Park.

Here are some of their most popular locations.

  • Rustenburg – 171 Kock St, Shop 18, Kloof Centre
  • Cape Town – Montague Gardens – 18 Montague Dr, Shop 5 & 6, Montague Gardens Convenience Centre
  • Centurion – Hendrik Verwoerd Dr, Silver Creek Centre
  • Melrose Crossing – 83 Corlett Dr, Shop F5, Melrose Crossing

Don’t worry if you do not see an area near you because one will likely be coming soon!

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About Sandwich Baron

Since their initial store’s opening on the market in Sandwich Baron has grown to become one of South Africa’s most prominent sandwich restaurants.

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They’ve built their business around the principles of serving the freshest and delicious sandwiches available.

When their employees open their doors in the morning, they don’t start making sandwiches.

That’s because none of their sandwiches is already prepared.

As you walk in, you decide to order whatever you’re feeling at that specific moment. You and the staff will begin making all the necessary ingredients so you can enjoy fresh and vibrant sandwiches.

They’ve grown their social media accounts to hundreds of thousands of loyal fans, with many snapping pics and sharing them online.

Overall, if you choose to eat a sandwich from the Sandwich Baron menu, let the staff know whether they’ve succeeded or not!

The only thing they’re looking to create is the most delicious sandwiches for customers to enjoy.

They are also doing all they can to aid the environment and the local community. For example, they donate their surplus bread to a company that produces a bread-based beer. Very cool.

Although they may not be more nutritious than Sandwich Baron, If you are ever bored of their sandwiches, head at Ocean Basket and try out some of the fresh seafood options on their food menu instead. It’ll surely make your lunch more enjoyable.

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Talk To Staff

Still have some questions you’d like answered?

Why not give their team a direct message through one of their social media accounts:

Sandwiches are eating all over the world – because they’re quick, easy to make, and can be eaten in thousands of different combinations.

Sandwich Baron has made it their mission to embrace the sandwich and build a sandwich restaurant chain millions of South Africans enjoy.

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If you’d like to know about the menu at Sandwich Baron, feel free to leave a comment or send us and email.

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